Hire Freight Forwarding In Jordan

Choosing Titan Logistics as your freight forwarding agent in Jordan comes with a multitude of benefits. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring smooth and efficient cargo movement, whether by air, sea, or land.

International cargo, transported with ease

Navigating the complexities of international import and export freight forwarding demands expertise and efficiency. At Titan Logistics, our dedicated account managers offer valuable insights into the international freight industry. With a robust network spanning 42 countries, we excel in providing successful multi-modal freight forwarding services. 

As one of the Jordan;s leading freight forwarding companies. Our extensive experience positions us as industry leaders, ensuring that we understand the intricacies of freight forwarding, making us your trusted partner in optimizing supply chain solutions.

Container ship sailing in sea

Sea Freight

Freight forwarding via sea remains the predominant and economical method for global goods transportation, whether across oceans or shorter sea routes.

As your dedicated freight forwarder, we provide a comprehensive suite of services encompassing FCL, LCL, reefer, RORO, and dry bulk shipments. Trust our expert freight forwarding team to navigate and recommend the optimal, cost-effective route for your specific cargo requirements.

Air freight

Are you in search of the most secure and swift transportation solution for your cargo, ensuring timely delivery in pristine condition? Trust the expertise of our personal freight forwarding specialist at Good Logistics to guide you through the array of air freight options. We assure you a soaring experience!

Air Freight Shipping in Jordan By Titan Logistics
Titan Logistics Truck holding a cargo container

Road Freight

Whether you’re moving your containers from port to destination or engaged in cross-European cargo import/export by road, our road freight forwarding services offer flexibility and completeness. Count on our extensive network of dependable transportation partners across Europe.


Are you in need of a seasoned freight forwarder to kickstart your large-scale project? Our project cargo department boasts expert freight forwarders renowned for delivering successful, customized end-to-end project management. Our forwarding specialists excel in handling complex shipments and oversized cargo.

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Client Testimonial

More Than 40 Satisfied Client

At Titan Logistics, we take pride in our exceptional service, and our satisfied clients can attest to it. Explore our testimonials to hear from businesses that have experienced the reliability and efficiency of our sea freight solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Freight forwarders play a vital role in efficiently organizing the global movement of goods on behalf of businesses or individuals. Despite the apparent simplicity, navigating the complexities of shipping from one point to another requires expertise. Freight forwarders, acting as intermediaries, aim to streamline this process, ensuring a seamless international shipping experience.

Unlike vessel-owning companies, freight forwarding firms, known as non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC), collaborate with various carriers—be it sea, air, rail, or road. They take on the responsibility of transporting goods, managing logistics, and handling documentation. Beyond these core services, freight forwarders often provide additional solutions, ensuring a smooth process that extends to the final destination of the goods.

As seasoned experts in global and international freight forwarding, we provide comprehensive international shipping and transport services. Whether you’re involved in imports or exports from Jordan, our skilled team ensures a straightforward and stress-free process for moving your goods.

Yes. At Titan Logistics, our seasoned teams are adept at managing customs clearance, handling export and import customs formalities (NES customs entry, Intrastat, CFSP Messaging) at Jordan Aqaba port. Our collaborative efforts between freight forwarding specialists and in-house customs clearance experts are geared towards ensuring the swift progression of your consignment through the process. Beyond that, we provide valuable advice on import and export, taxation, and clearance procedures, facilitating the smooth clearance of your consignments.

Absolutely. As a leading freight forwarding company, we’ve ensured that our clients enjoy round-the-clock access to their shipments, encompassing crucial details like tracking information, customs clearance documents, invoices, and more.